Burial Services

The longstanding tradition of burial in North America continues to be the standard today. Although cremation has found its place in society as an alternative, many families and traditionalists still turn to burial.

Burial allows for the permanent establishment of a family gravesite. From the beginning of mankind, we have chosen burial as the final act of one’s life. From the early Egyptians, to the current day, burial is still the preference.

Often people will say to us that the world is running out of burial plots and cemetery locations, when in fact the availability of cemetery options has never been greater.

The traditional funeral often refers to the presence of the deceased’s body or casket at the funeral service. When the casket is present at the church or funeral service, there is a certain “presence” that people experience.

The casket brings a central focus, a certain level of reverence, dignity and respect to the service, and most importantly, the reality of the loved one’s death.

People often think that burial is more expensive than cremation when in fact all funerals generally range in price from $10,000.00 and up, be it burial or cremation.

Take time to talk to one of our experienced funeral professionals to find the choices right for you.

Dale A. Martin Jr



Burial Service Options


A complete traditional burial consists of:

  • Use of Funeral Home and Facilities
  • Clergy, Organist and Soloist Honorariums

  • Professional, Personal and Other Services
  • Obituary Notices (Estimated)

  • Transportation Services
  • Complete Reception (Estimated)

  • Burial Vault or Concrete Grave Liner
  • Power Point Presentation and Family DVD

  • Family Visitation or Prayers
  • All Cemetery opening and closing fees

  • Customized Stationery
  • Monument Inscription

  • Floral casket spray and 2 matching arrangements
  • Complete Aftercare Program

  • Use of Funeral Coach, Lead Car and Limousines


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